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A Comprehensive Database on Naturally Occuring Minerals as Water Purifiers
[A project run under Rural Sector Network Programme(RSWNET) of CSIR, India]

Many of the Naturally Occurring Minerals (NOM) are known to possess water purification properties. Mother earth is not only the best known filtration medium but it also imparts mineral values to groundwater which are so essential for health. WRL at National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur has been exploring the NOMs as possible adsorbents of many of the ionic and non ionic species present in contaminated water and integrate them in possible water treatment protocols. Ionic and non ionic contaminants include various cations, anions, microorganisms, oils and grease, residual pesticides etc. Iron ore, manganese ore, lime stone etc. are some of the NOMs possessing a wide range of water purification properties.

Recently WRL had undertaken a research programme of developing a comprehensive database on NOMs commonly available in the state of Jharkhand as water purifiers. Geographical location of National Metallurgical Laboratory prompted us to focus onto Jharkhand, a mineral rich state to start with though the plan was to look beyond Jharkhand in near future. This programme was supported by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India under the Rural Sector Network Programme (RSWNET).

The database presented herein is based on the primary data generated by WRL on different NOMs, namely, iron ore, manganese ore, chromite ore, copper ore, limestone, bauxite, coal sample etc. Each mineral has been characterized for its mineralogical, chemical and surface attributes. Adsorption property of each mineral has been studied with respect to different cationic and anionic species in aqueous medium. The database can also recommend NOMs likely to address typical water contamination problems.

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